St. Patrick’s Day ideas kids will love

St. Patrick’s Day ideas kids will love
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Our family loves to have fun with food as evidenced by our themed charcuterie boards. St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. ( and yes, I will have a St. Patrick’s Day themed charcuterie board) We always have corned beef and cabbage and I have always made a point to do some extra fun things with my boys. Like making Leprechaun traps and some fun and festive food. In this post you will learn about several St.Patrick’s Day ideas that kids will love.

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Leprechaun Trap

Ever since my boys were old enough to participate we have helped them to create a leprechaun trap. Each year they have constructed their trap from whatever we find around the house.  Such as construction paper, socks, crafting supplies and created them with whatever their imaginations came up with.

My boys loved finding clever ways to capture the magical creature.  Each year I  provided evidence that the leprechaun both visited and eluded the trap.  (This is where all those Elf on The Shelf ideas can kick in) One year he left his hat, another year a green glitter trail around the house, yet another gold pieces.  Have fun with this and let the kid’s use imagination and creativity to design whatever they think will capture that pesky Leprechaun.

Pot O’ Gold Treasure hunt

A St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt is something that I did with my kids when they were younger. I loved getting chocolate coins and dropping them around the yard. The kids have a blast searching for the treasure that the leprechaun dropped.  (Once he dropped it all the way home from their school).   

More Food fun:

Make Healthy copycat “Shamrock Shakes” We call this a “green monster shake” when we make it with peanut butter and it is a common requested breakfast. For St. Patricks Day we switch it up a bit, using a lighter nut butter and adding mint extract.

You will need:

1 cup almond milk (or milk of choice)

A frozen banana

1 big TB almond or cashew butter

1/2 tsp mint extract

big handful of raw spinach.  

Blend and serve 

Serving Size -2 shakes

Make Traditional Irish food

Make Irish Soda Bread ( Here is a recipe for GF Irish soda bread from Elena’s Pantry as that is what we would make)

Cook traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage

We just buy a Corned beef from the store and follow the directions on the package for the slow cooker because it has everything in there that you need.

I hope that you enjoyed these St.Patrick’s Day ideas that kids will love. Our family has a blast with these traditions and I hope yours will too!

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  • All of these are such fun ideas! My daughter is almost 2, so not quite ready to understand trapping leprechauns. But it is such a cute idea that I am looking forward to doing in the future!

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