How to make a Beautiful Gluten Free Charcuterie Board

How to make a Beautiful Gluten Free Charcuterie Board
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 Making a beautiful gluten free charcuterie board is easy. They are fun to put together and delicious. Charcuterie boards are the perfect thing to take to a party to be sure that you will have something gluten free to nosh on. They are show-stoppers that really bring everyone together for fellowship and laughter. My boys and I love finding new ways to create easy yet absolutely gorgeous platters and boards.

Family fun for all

These platters are a fun way to get the whole family involved in the design. You will love them on a low-key night in, for entertaining guests, or to take to an event.

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The trick to any beautiful charcuterie board is to use several colors and textures. You can easily achieve this by using a variety of meat, cheeses, vegetables, condiments, crackers and breads. To make a gluten free charcuterie board you will want to be sure you have breads, crackers, and sauces that are gluten free.

To create a basic spread you need:  

  • A tray or platter – this can be anything that you have at home, I prefer wooden boards because I love how beautiful they look with the food.
  • small condiment bowls
  • Three – four different kinds of cheese– I love used a good aged cheddar, gouda, a goat or sheep cheese
  • At least 2 Kinds of meat – salami like sopressata, or genoa, prosciutto, pepperoni – whatever you like.
  • Fruit – I love using sliced apples, pears, blood oranges, grapes and berries 
  • Vegetables – red, yellow and green peppers
  • Crackers – I love multi-textured seedy crackers because they look great on the board! I also love against the grain bread.
  • mustards and sauces – grainy mustard, honey
  • other condiments – olive tapenade, hummus

To assemble the board:

I always place my bowls down first and fill the bowls with whatever sauces or condiments I am using. Next I lay down the cheese and then the meats and fill in the rest of the board with fruit and veggies and gluten free crackers or bread.

So now that you have some inspiration go create one of these boards for yourself! Get some great gluten free supplies, get the whole family involved, and have fun!

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