Thieves All Purpose Cleaner can replace everything under your sink

Thieves All Purpose Cleaner can replace everything under your sink
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Thieves Cleaner is a Game Changer!

Thieves cleaner was a total game changer for my family. We had tried ALL. OF. THE. THINGS. The other “green” companies, as well as all of the green cleaners from that red bullseye store. In this post you will learn how Thieves all purpose cleaner can replace everything under your sink.

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I was Almost ready to give up on finding a natural cleaner

My husband hated the smell of everything I brought home. He also questioned the effectiveness of the products. He’s nurse and felt that they were not cleaning anything, just pushing dirt around. He would say, “Please just go buy Windex .” ( I swear, he was like the mom on My Big Fat Greek Wedding with the Windex.)

Frustrated, I felt that the non-toxic cleaning battle was something that I was just not going to win in my home. I had heard about Thieves cleaner and a friend asked me if I wanted to buy a bottle of it.

My reply was, “No, I know my husband will hate it so I do not want to get a whole bottle, may I try a sample?”

Wow, I sure fell in love with that sample. It was so easy to make up a bottle to clean my kitchen (it takes one capful of the cleaner to make a WHOLE bottle of cleaner!). Immediately, I LOVED the scent, it smelled like fall with hints of cinnamon and clove.

The best part:

The best part was when my husband walked in from work that day and he said, “What is that smell?”

My immediate visceral response was irritation (oh, here we freaking go again). To my surprise he said, “I like that, it smells good, can I try it?”

When I handed him the bottle and he took it over to our stainless steel stove and sprayed, then wiped. He looked back at me and said, “Lis, this is degreasing the stove and it smells good, whatever this is, get it, it works!”

For the first time ever, he was supportive of a natural cleaner, and I was so happy we finally found something that we both love.

It works!

I was able to get rid of almost everything under my sink and replace it with Thieves household cleaner. This cleaner works on every surface. My counters, stainless steel, floors, fabric – EVERYTHING! We even detail our cars with it. I found my forever cleaner!

Here’s how to make it:

All it takes to make a spray bottle of Thieves household cleaner is one capful of cleaner combined with two cups of water.

One bottle of Thieves concentrate will make about 40, 16oz spray bottles!

Grab your spray bottle Here

I love that Thieves all purpose cleaner has replaced almost everything under our sink and we have switched almost everything in our home to products to the Thieves line including laundry detergent.

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