Homesteading in beautiful South Carolina

Homesteading in beautiful South Carolina
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We moved from a suburb in Summerville SC, to the country to start our homestead! Come along with our family as we transition from city life to homesteading life in beautiful South Carolina and all of the ups and downs along the way. Here you will find farm to table homesteading recipes, tips, tricks, and resources that we are learning about raising chickens, gardening and scratch made garden fresh, farm to table recipes.

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* We did not know there would be extra wildlife popping up everywhere in the wee hours of the morning * – more coming on that…


Our Family

We are Lisa and Charlie and these are our two boys. We just up and moved to the country from a suburb in a master planned community to start our homestead and we are LOVING it! We have lots of chickens and four sweet barn kittens, two sweet bunnies, an indoor cat and our D.O.G. (LITERALLY THE WORST homesteading dog ever!) As a result of being such a hound dog that he even has to be on a different floor than the indoor cat!

He is ridiculous but we love him!

The Chickens

We jumped head first into this homesteading journey and are creating a super fun Chicken village for our flock. So far we have three coops done… more pics coming soon!

DIY Homesteading Projects

Completely DIYing our Farmhouse, from paint to flooring to building a new closet has been an adventure in itself. I am going to be sharing a lot of that on Instagram

This is my pretty new kitchen! I love all of the natural lighting and the porch is a beautiful spot to catch the amazing South Carolina Sunsets.

Lot’s of homesteading projects coming – stay tuned! <3 .

Are you homesteading in South Carolina or somewhere else? We would love to hear where you are in the comments!

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