Hey there, we are Lisa and Charlie, thanks for checking our website! Come along with our family as we transition from city life to homesteading in beautiful South Carolina. Here you will find farm to table homesteading recipes, tips, tricks and resources that we have learned about raising chickens, gardening and more.

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Where we started

I am originally from Madison, Wi ( Go pack!) and Charlie is from a little tiny town in Ohio called Elyria. We are a military family and have two teenage boys. With a chef for a father and an Italian grandma. I was always around food delicious growing up. Helping my dad get ready for catering gigs or helping my grandma make spaghetti was a huge part of my life and really fostered my love of food and I have had my boys in the kitchen with me from the beginning.

We are ridiculously passionate about natural living and wellness, and although we stick to a Mediterranean diet the majority of the time, we do indulge in some treats here and there. It is all about balance and enjoying life.

Now that we are homesteading, I am so excited to come up with delicious garden fresh recipes with what we are raising and growing here on the farm.

We love helping others learn that moving toward a natural lifestyle is not as daunting as they may think.   It is so rewarding to get our boys CJ and Landon involved in cooking and plating food with me and working on projects around the homestead with us.

Where we are going

Our transition to homesteading has brought us a lot of joy. We have chickens, barn cats, quail, turkeys, ducks, goats, rabbits, and a Dexter Bull. a big garden and lots of love. We are excited to see what adventures this journey continues to bring and to see what the future holds.

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Blessings ~ Lisa