Easy Dessert Boards for Date night in

Easy Dessert Boards for Date night in
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Platters and boards are all the rage right now. They are beautiful, fun to make, and a great way to get creative in the kitchen. You can literally throw anything on a board and BOOM you’re fancy! These easy dessert boards for date night in or your next party are super simple and fun to put together. Both of my sons love to help me make these boards and the theme possibilities are endless. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Easy Cheesecake board

To make this board, I just placed three different kinds of cheesecake that I got from a local bakery ( Charleston Deli) if you are in the lowcountry – AMAZING GF cheesecakes!) on the board and then scattered fresh strawberries, blackberries and raw almonds to add some fun color and texture.


Crepes, Oranges, and Dark chocolate board

I bought pre-made chocolate crepes for this board, you can find them HERE (the strawberry ones would be good as well) and then peeled a few cuties and fanned then out to make simple flowers and then placed squares of dark chocolate in little piles to finish it off. I like to mix it up with my dark chocolate squares and offer flavors such as chocolates with chili or sea salt in them for added variety.


S’mores dessert Platter

This was as amazing as it looks. Give it a try for our next outdoor gathering. I have complete step by step directions for you HERE

smores platter

Cookies and Fruit board

As easy as it looks. For example, simply place a selection of homemade or bought cookies on a pretty platter with some fruit and you are done.


If you make of of these easy dessert boards for your next date night in, we would love to hear how you liked it!

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