How to use Essential Oils for Sleep and Emotions

How to use  Essential Oils for Sleep and  Emotions
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You know how when you smell something it immediately triggers a memory or a feeling?  The smell of cookies baking may make you think of your grandma. Or you get a whiff of fresh cut grass and a childhood memory of summertime and cool, crisp lemonade comes flooding back. You can use essential oils for sleep and emotions. Using essential oils for emotions works because essential oils reach parts of your brain that triggers those memories. In this post I will talking about how to use Essential Oils for Sleep and Emotions Some scents can make you feel instantly calm and relaxed while others can help you focus or make you feel energized.

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The Essential Oils I use

The oils that I use in my home are Young Living Essential Oils. When I mention names of blends, I am referencing specific Young Living Blends.  I choose Young Living because they work better then any oils I have ever tried ( and I have tried a lot). I love Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise for production of the oils. They are completely unadulterated from seed to distillation, to bottling. They use only organic, natural farming practices, no harmful pesticides. I have been to the Young Living Farm in Utah and have seen first hand the bees happily buzzing around the lavender. 

Me breathing in the fresh aroma of lavender at the Young Living Farm in Mona Utah

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the volatile parts of the plant. They are created by using parts of the plant such as leaves, rinds, roots, stems, and more. They are then steam distilled to release the constituents that give us amazing aromatherapy benefits when they are inhaled or applied topically.

A few great ways to get aromatherapy benefits from essential oils

  • Diffusing You can receive the aromatic benefits of essential oils from a diffuser or on diffuser jewelry.  A diffuser distributes the essential oils into the air and is a great healthful alternative to candles or plug ins with synthetic fragrances.  
  • Diffuser Jewelry Diffuser Jewelry can be a bracelet, necklace or earrings. A drop of oil on anything that is porous such as a lava bead like the ones pictured on my bracelet or on a piece of felt.
Valor essential oil blend is one of my favorite oils and I wear it daily.

Topical Use

Essential oils can be used topically. You can use a roller bottle blend or a drop or two of essential oil (diluted) directly on skin.  Making a roller bottle is very simple, you just need a roller bottle, a carrier oil ( such as fractionated coconut, grapeseed, sweet almond, or jojoba) and essential oils of choice. I do a lot of fun roller bottle making DIYs in my FREE Lifestyle Community.

Here are a few of my favorite oily essentials for roller bottle making.

Essential oils for sleep and relaxation

Better sleep and less stress go hand in hand.  You will always have a better day when you are well rested.  The following oils and blends are awesome to help your emotions when it comes to better sleep, relaxation, and calming down the feelings of overwhelm.

Single oils

Lavender – everyone’s favorite relaxation oil.  Use a few drops on a pillow or in a diffuser for a soothing scent.

Frankincense – incredibly grounding, my favorite for yoga. I put a few drops in my hands to breathe in before I start my practice. This oil is especially wonderful for times of prayer or meditation.  ( For an awesome Yoga blogger – check out my friend Erica over at Spoiled Yogi)

My boyfriend Frank.


Stress Away – smells like a margarita in a bottle. Hints of Lime, Copaiba, Lavender, Ocatea and Cedarwood essential oils make up this dreamy blend. Stress Away comes in both Young Living’s Basic and Premium Starter Kit sets.

Peace and Calming – my favorite night time blend for my diffuser.  It is a magical blend of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, Blue Tansy.  It is great for winding down during children’s bedtime. And I also put it on my crazy D.O.G.’s collar to wind him down.

Peace & Calming is another of my absolute favorite blends.

Valor – my unicorn whooosah oil (and my other favorite for Yoga), I apply daily to my wrists or on my diffuser bracelet.  Valor is made up of Blue tansy, Frankincense, Camphor, Black Spruce and Geranium. It has a grounding woodsy aroma.  It is great for massages or in a diffuser as well. 

Oh how I love my Valor.

Energizing Happy Oils 

When I want to start the day off with some happy energy, I always turn to a citrus oil in my diffuser and I love to add peppermint. Not only do these oils put a bright and cheerful aroma in the air but they are great to help you stay focused and alert when you are trying to get things done. Citrus aromatherapy is a great way to strike a happy emotional balance.

Single Oils 

Lemon – uplifting and cleansing 

Orange – fruity and bright.

Peppermint – Peppermint is refreshing and invigorating. It quite literally puts more pep in your step.

Put a little pep’ in your step.


Citrus Fresh – Citrus fresh combines tangerine, grapefruit, and lemon to create a very crisp citrusy scent.

Valor – With it’s fruity scent, Valor is both a happy oil and a calming oil.  I love the versitility of this blend and I have it on me always!

Oils for better Focus

Single oils

Frankincense – our pal Frank is fantastic for focus which is why I use it for Yoga.

Peppermint – Peppermint is an energizing oil that help you stay alert and puts a pep in your step.


Valor – Valor is just magic in my opinion, it is soothing, calming and therefore calms anxious thoughts so you can focus on the task at hand. I am never without Valor before doing something that requires extra concentration and focus.

If you try using essential oils for sleep and balancing emotions please leave a comment below and share what you tried.

No matter if you are using single oils or blends of essential oils for emotions, getting better sleep, improving focus or as happy scents, you will receive the benefits that these little bottles can provide.

There is one easy way to get all of the oils I mentioned above as well as a beautiful diffuser and that is by choosing a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. 

If you would like to learn more about essential oils and the many different ways to use them safely and effectively with your family, I invite you to join my FREE Lifestyle community.


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