Five Easy Low-Carb pantry swaps

Five Easy Low-Carb pantry swaps
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Low-Carb eating is not as tough as it may seem. Here are a few quick and easy Low-Carb pantry swaps that you can make to have on hand for hundreds of recipes to fit into a Keto, Paleo, or low sugar eating plan.

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Pantry Swap 1)

Sugar for Swerve

I absolutely LOVE using Swerve for baking! It does not have a strange aftertaste like other natural sweeteners and works well in all recipes I have tried. I have the confectioners, granulated and brown granulated in my pantry at all times so I can easily whip up Keto or low carb desserts. You can snag all three HERE. My favorite things to make are Peppermint Keto Brownies and Keto Buckeye Bars (Recipes coming!)

Pantry Swap 2)

BREAD CRUMBS for Pork Rinds

I love bread crumbs, they are great for fish, salmon or crab cakes, and to throw on top of low carb Cauliflower Mac and cheese. Pork rinds are a perfect substitute! (make sure you get the kind with real food ingredients like pork and salt). Epic is a great brand! I have made fish with both GF and non GF breadcrumbs and everyone liked the fish breaded with these the best. 

Pantry Swap 3)

Wheat based flour for Almond Flour

I use Almond flour for as much as I can. Almond flour is lighter then some of the other grain free flours and it works great for cakes, banana bread, and cookies. My favorite is Bob’s Red Mill.

Pantry Swap 4)

Flavored drink mixes with these delicious Vitality Drops

People let me tell ya bout’ my new best friend! These drops are so good! My entire family LOVES them. The husband who used to drink soda, the teenager who always wants to guzzle gatorade, the tweenager, and me who admittedly used to go days in a row with barely drinking more than coffee. (my pee is clearer then it has even been). Just one squirt of these drops in a glass of water and you are getting some delicious electrolytes and they are super easy to take on the go too!

The flavors are lavender lemonade and grapefruit bergamot (bergamot is what is used in earl grey tea)

These drops are from an online holistic wholesale club called Young Living and you can buy them at either retail or at wholesale with purchasing a $35 lifetime membership ( my recommendation, because this will get you a discount on hundreds of other great products as well) you can become a wholesale member HERE.

Pantry Swap 5)

Sugar free chocolate chips for traditional chocolate chips

Ahhhhhhh chocolate, I love my chocolate! It just makes me happy! I love that LILYS has a great tasting no sugar added chocolate. I can still get my chocolate fix without all the sugar. When choosing sugar free look for things flavored with stevia, monk fruit and eyrithritol rather than Sucralose. These are great for low carb and Keto baking. Love them in pancakes, cannoli dip and melted down as a dip for strawberries.

I hope that you found these Low-Carb pantry swaps useful and I would love to hear what you think of these products as well as hear about your favorites!


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