Easy DIY Essential Oil Dog Spray

Easy DIY Essential Oil Dog Spray
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Meet the worst homesteading dog ever, D.O.G. He is a Lab and Beagle Mix. He’s crazy. His hunting instincts are so strong that he cannot even be on the same level of the house as our indoor cat. He makes me lose my mind on a daily basis but I adore him! As dogs do, he sometimes gets stinky and since we do not use any kind of synthetic fragrances in our home – this is what I make up for him to smell fresh and clean. We call it “Stank Dog Spray” in our house. In this post, you will learn to make this easy DIY essential oil dog spray. I have only made this, (and would personally only make this with Young Living Essential oils and only the single oils mentioned here as they are known to be safe for dogs as well as tried and true around my dog). Before using any essential oils with your dog, I suggest that you do your own additional research.

Bonus – the aromatherapy chills him out!

Essential Oils You will need:

10 drops of YL Lavender essential oil

3 drops of YL Lemongrass oil

1 cup of water

To Make:

Simply combine all ingredients in a Glass spray bottle and lightly spritz coat (keeping away from eyes and face ) and couch as needed.

If you make this Easy DIY Essential Oil Dog Spray, I would love to hear how you like is and if you come up with a fun name for it like we did.

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