Easy Gluten Free pantry swaps

Easy Gluten Free pantry  swaps
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When I found out I had a wheat allergy, my world was rocked. Not in a good way. I am the daughter of a chef, a major foodie – I love food. But there it was, and I had to adapt. I have tried MANY gluten free foods and not all of them are good and a lot are highly processed. As a rule I try to eat as minimally processed as possible so the items in this listed in these easy gluten free pantry swaps are organic or with cleanest ingredients I could find. They are without food dyes, or extra fillers. I have done the work for you and I hope you find something that you enjoy!

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Being part Italian – great pasta is pretty much a rule. I’ve tried a lot GF pastas and all of them left me feeling like I was settling. It was not until I was eating at Burton’s restaurant in Mount Pleasant South Carolina (which by the way is FABULOUS for GF dining). I ordered a seafood pasta dish and the pasta was so good, I had to ask “are you sure this is gluten free?” they said “Yes it is”. Not convinced, I asked them to them show me the package. That pasta was La Veneziane and I have never looked back! It cooks up just like regular pasta. It is GMO free corn (since it is made in Italy) and there are tons of different shapes. I am so happy I found my forever pasta. I have NEVER found this in a store so I order it in bulk online on Amazon or Vitacost so I always have it in my pantry.

Bread crumbs

Bread crumbs are great for fish, salmon cakes, and to throw on top of my gluten free Mac and cheese. One of my favorite ways to make Gluten Free bread crumbs is using pork rinds (make sure you get the kind with just 2 ingredients pork and salt). When I want a more traditional breadcrumb, I like using Ian’s Panko Gluten Free breadcrumbs. I have made fish with both GF and non GF breadcrumbs and everyone liked the fish breaded with these the best.

Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken soup

Green Bean Casserole, I gotta have it on Thanksgiving! Pacific is my favorite brand for these kinds of cream soups, after trying several others. You can find them at most stores or on Amazon.


I use Almond flour for as much as I can. If I need to use a cup for cup flour I like Bob’s Red Mill for both they work great for cakes, banana breads, and cookies.

I put them on everything .

I hope that you found this list of easy gluten free pantry swaps useful and would love to hear what you think of these products as well as hear about your favorites!


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